Thyme To Heal

"Thank you for providing all of the resources and information to help us be healthy. I know I have learned a lot and my health has improved dramatically since I started visiting your shoppe, seeing Judy and staying in communication with you about questions and supplies. I am certain of this because I just had another healthy baby boy the beginning of April (17 yrs after my first son) at 36 years of age and the pregnancy and birth went far better than the first did at 19. I give credit to being healthier from the changes I've made over the years. I certainly appreciate it all. I have spoke of and recommended your shoppe and services to many. I sure hope the community will continue to shop local and support you. I will continue to encourage those I know in your area to visit. I will try to stop in the next time we are in town". 


"I had a friend come in to the shop yesterday and said "You remember when you prayed for me?" He reminded me that he had Heavy Metals running rampant in his body because of a failed medical procedure. I remembered at the time things were looking pretty grim. We know the God we serve and when we pray for someone to be healed we need to believe that the miracle has already happened. I did some research for him on some of Gods natural medicines and certain foods to eat that could help rid his body of these heavy metals and toxins. My friend Kathy Self has been teaching and mentoring my family for more than 15 years that we have been visiting Thyme to Heal Herb Shoppe.  I see miracles all the time and hear incredible testimonies. The reason that I mentioned Thyme To Heal Herb Shoppe is that it is a Ministry that God guided My Friend Kathy to start years ago. She has helped thousands of people over the years, including the friend that I have mentioned here. Kathy and her staff have been helping people in need and desperate for answers that they are not getting from traditional medical sources. Back to the testimony my friend gave, he said, "Scott, I went to the doctor and they ran tests and the tests all came back clear." WOW! what a Wonderful and Glorious God we serve! God gets all of the Glory but it's OK to give your friends a pat on the back and a Thank You for their dedication and obedience in service to our Lord and Savior. So Thank You Kathy and all of your staff over the years for selflessly doing Gods work."


"Best Herb Shoppe and Owner, employees and customers EVER!!  I love this place!  I  know.  I used to work there!"


"Kathy always knows what I need to fix my current problem!  Love this place!"


 "5 star!  Love this place!  Always welcoming, has the answers if you've got questions and knowledgeable staff."


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