Call 392-4732 to reserve your personal appointment with Judy Saunders, a Master Herbalist with over 30 years experience in the area of education, nutrition and consulting; providing you with valuable information on natural health care and nutrition for optimal health.  Judy currently travels to 8 states for consulting appointments.  The fee is $60.00 for a 45-minute appointment. 


     A full written questionnaire and report are available.  Also available are many books, free magazines and brochures as well as diet plans and cookbooks for special dietary needs.  We carry many of those hard-to-find natural foods!  Call for an appointment with a Nutritional Consultant to determine YOUR specific nutritional needs. 45 - Minute Consults with Certified Health Consultant, including a Biofeedback Compass Report for $60.00



     The brain is like a computer for the body.  It knows what you need to be healthy.  The body also has an electrical system.  This helpful diagnostic tool can be tapped into through specific muscle tests and accompanying weaknesses (as in a blown circuit).  We have a Nutritional Consultant trained in muscle testing and corrections for those weaknesses - available by appointment.  Call 392-4732 for your personal consultation.

24 hour Urinalysis / Enzyme Therapy

  • Lab Fee - $85.00
  • Consult Fee - $75.00

   Call 392-4732 for your personal appointment

A helpful diagnostic tool to evaluate the nutritional needs of an individual as well as what body systems may be affected.

Currently $20 with a minimum purchase of $50. Call 392-4732 for your personal appointment. 

A Compass Reading is a Biofeedback survey, where your body responds to questions based upon 76 biomarkers.  A personalized report is generated based upon your own unique nutritional support preference.

     Essential Oils are the life blood of the plant.  They have been used for centuries and are mentioned 188 times in the Bible.  (The three Wise Men even brought them to the Christ child)

Unfortunately, some of the potent oil is lost in the drying process of bottled herbs.  They are also great for those with digestion problems as well as those with difficulty in swallowing pills since they can be applied topically or inhaled.  We offer both Young Living and Nature's Sunshine Essential Oils for health concerns as well as other for 'recreational use'.

     We offer Raindrop Therapy (which nourishes the entire nervous system and virtually every other system in the body) with oxygen-giving ESSENTIAL OILS.  We also offer Emotional Relsease Therapies with ESSENTIAL OILS.  (As the oils are inhaled, they reach the limbic system in the brain through the olfactory (nasal) system.  The limbic system is where memory is stored.)  I've seen many exciting results with the use of these oils. 

Compass Report:



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