Kimbra Calcaterra, Natural Health Consultant, Coach and Wellness Educator

Kimbra has over 18 years of experience in the area of whole food nutrition and natural healing and has learned from leading practitioners and herbalists in the field of Natural Health and Wellness. 

She understands how to work with the body's natural healing process and integrates a holistic approach to wellness - mind, body and spirit.


Judy Saunders, MA, CRA, CI, MH

Judy, a Master Herbalist and Iridologist, holds a bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts in education

with 30 plus years experience in the area of education, nutrition, and consulting. 

She can provide you with information on natural health care and nutrition for optimal health. 

   Or, after completing an in-depth history and a 24 hour urinalysis, a 1-hr telephone consult is available for $75.00 to help determine your need for dietary and lifestyle changes, enzymes and other supplements - and to answer any questions you may have.



Kathy Self, NC, LDHS
  Member: Indiana Association of Integrative Therapies, Inc.

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