Cholesterol Health

Promotes Healthy Cholesterol & Triglyceride Levels and lowers LDL's

Niacin - inhibits triglyceride synthesis in the liver

Red Yeast Rice - contains compounds that inhibit the enzyme MNG-Coa reductase.  This is the critical enzyme in the synthesis of cholesterol in the body.  Then the body gets the cholesterol it needs to make other things (such as bile acids and HDL's "good cholesterol") in the liver by removing LDL's from circulation.

Phytosterols - are natural plant chemicals that look structurally similar to cholesterol.  These compounds compete with cholesterol for absorption in the intestinal tract and therefore reduce not only the absorption of dietary cholesterol, but can also interfere with the

re-absorption of  cholesterol (bile acids) in the gut.

Net result Cholesterol: balances totals and lower LDL's

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